Manipulate Normals

Rotation Gizmo:

A toggle to turn on/off the Rotation Gizmo.

Average Individual Vertex Normals:

Averages the loop normals of each separate selected vertex resulting in a smooth vertex normal.

Average All Selected Normals:

Averages every selected loop normal into single direction vector.

Great to make bumpy surfaces flat.

Smooth Selected Normals:

Smooth the selected loop normals based on the connected vertices normals.

This tool is the most used if you only plan to smooth out the shading of a surface. It will get rid of shading artifacts.

Set Smooth Shading/Set Flat Shading:

These two buttons change the object setting from Smooth Shading to Flat Shading or vice versa. The benefit of doing this inside of Abnormal instead of default Blender is that in Abnormal your existing normal edits will not be changed. In default Blender changing the shading type will most likely destroy any normal edits made. In general I advise to stick to Smooth Shading.

Flat Shading has issues when deformed where the normals can start to split apart.

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