Viewport Settings

Show Only Selected Normals:

Only display the normals of the selected normals for visual clarity of what is being edited.

Scale Up Selected Normals:

Increase the length of the selected and active normals for visual clarity of what is being edited.


Draw all unhidden normals and allow selection of normls through the mesh.

Normals Length:

A multipling factor for the length of the normals.

Normals Brightness:

A brightness factor for the drawing of the normals.

Vertex Point Size:

A scaling factor for the drawing of the mesh vertices.

Display Wireframe:

Toggle on/off the wireframe overlay.

Gizmo Size:

Pixel size of the rotation gizmo in screen space.

Left Click Select:

Toggle for using Left click to select normals.

Ticked: Left Click Selection; Untick: Right Click Selection

UI Scale:

A scale factor for increasing/decreasing the user interface.

Increase scale for high res screen. Decrease scale for lower res screen.

Save Addon Preferences:

Saves the current add-on preferences as the default for future usage.

Right click select users please click this after unticking Left Click Select option.

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