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Malt Gotchas

This page will document known quirks you have to pay attention to when working with Malt along with other software.

Malt window

This tiny window is Malt's window aka the renderer. This window exist because Malt is a separate process from Blender. Never close this window when working with BEER/Malt.
Always keep the Malt window running in the background.

Malt crashes with MSI AfterBurner OSD (on screen display)

It comes to our attention that the resource and performance monitor, MSI Afterburner's OSD will crash Malt on launch. Malt window appears for a split second and then vanish.
Known version to crash Malt: MSI AfterBurner v4.6.3
Remedy: If you still want to use MSI Afterburner, make sure to turn off OSD before starting BEER/Malt

My mesh is yellow

Yellow mesh means the material is empty. To solve this, add a material and load a shader.

My Mesh is grey

Using the basic.mesh.glsl shader and a point light.
The cause of this problem is the default radius of the point lamp. By default the radius is only 5 unit. The light cannot reach the cube.
Point light radius too small to reach the object in the origin
Solution: Increase the point light radius or change the light type to sun.

Malt running super slow

If you have a 4k monitor/screen, Malt might run super slow and laggy. The reason for the major slowdown is most likely because your machine just can't handle rendering realtime shaders in 4k resolution.
Solution: lower the display resolution to 2k or full HD to get smooth and responsive viewport performance

Blender from Microsoft Store

Malt doesn't work when Blender is installed from the Microsoft Store. This happens because Windows pervent user from tempering the WindowsApps folder.
Solution: Please download Blender installer or the archive (.zip) from