Malt Overview

Malt is a highly customizable rendering framework written in Python and OpenGL.

BlenderMalt is a Blender addon that integrates Malt into Blender, exposing a minimal user interface suitable for a code-centric workflow.


🔔 Malt is still in beta state

  • Download the BlenderMalt version that matches your OS.

    • (Optional) Download the Shader Examples too.

  • Open Blender. Go to Preferences > Addons, click on the Install... button and select from your downloads.

  • Tick the box in the BlenderMalt panel to enable it.

To test the renderer go to Scene Settings and change the renderer to Malt. Create a Sunlight and add a new object with a new material. Inside the material settings set the Shader Path to one of the files from the Shader Examples.


  • Untick the box in Preferences > Addons > BlenderMalt to disable the addon.

  • Restart Blender.

  • Go back to Preferences > Addons > BlenderMalt, expand the panel and click the Remove button.

Bug Reports

If you need help or find a bug you can open a new issue.

For bug reports include:

  • A System Info report generated by Blender (Help > Save System Info).

  • A full copy of the System Console contents (Window > Toggle System Console).

  • A .blend file and a list of steps to reproduce the error.